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Photography by: Jones Crow

I wish I had a more exciting story or reason behind why I started my blog in February of 2013. The truth is, I had just graduated from Boston College, gotten sober, moved 3,000 miles back from Boston to my hometown of Los Angeles. I was pretty lost and really only knew two things for sure. I knew that I loved writing and I knew that I was completely and utterly obsessed with everything fashion & beauty. Naturally, I put these two passions together and gave birth to Lindsay & Lace; an honest, raw, fun and hopefully inspiring collection of personal experiences, travel diaries, outfits I put together, trends I like or dislike, beauty products I review, events I attend and whatever else I feel like writing about!!

I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I started on this weird journey that has had so many ups and downs, but in the end has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I’m way too lucky but insanely grateful that I still get just as excited and fired up about clicking the “publish” button than I did in the very beginning. There is no manual on how to start a blog or how to be successful at it, but I’ve found the hardest part is simply starting it. Once I started my blog, everything else followed-whether it was the most ridiculous post with the worst quality photos and an outfit I cringe to think that I wore, or a post I am super proud of. Sometimes you just need to make a leap of faith and trust that your passions and talents will carry you in the direction you hope to end up at. Then again, didn’t someone once say that it’s not about the destination, but rather, the journey? ;-)

I just hope you enjoy reading and following Lindsay & Lace half as much as I love writing it.

All my love,