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Giving An Honest Review

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An Honest Review

Typically, I’m a big believer in needing to try make up on IN PERSON vs. ordering online in order to get the results I want. However, when I got an email that Honest Beauty had launched, I rushed to the website and started adding to my shopping cart. By the grace of God, I was simultaneously scanning Racked LA on my other tab and saw that Honest Beauty was having a pop up shop at The Grove…THAT DAY. I immediately took everything out of my cart, snuck off during my lunch hour & took a full tour of the brand new shop.

The first thing that I noticed when I entered the store was how good it smelled-that fresh, clean & calming smell that isn’t overbearing or invasive. Every product was displayed in a lovely, minimal way and I immediately consulted a professional at the store to walk me through the whole skincare & make up line.

First stop-moisturizer. I’m currently in a committed relationship with my La Mer Face Cream and rarely do I cheat, but in this case, I made an exception. The make up artist put on Honest Beauty’s “Younger Face Deep Hydrating Cream” which was pleasantly thick. I have really dry but sensitive skin, so I need a thick, creamy moisturizer. This one felt so soft on my skin and I could feel it really absorb into my skin (I hate nothing more than a moisturizer that sits on top of my skin!).

Hydrating Face Cream   Deep Hydration Cream   Honest Beauty

Next up was a primer. I’ve been on the hunt for a good primer for a couple months now, so when I tried the Everything Primer, I was so relieved to have it be super super light. The ingredients in this amazing product includes hyaluronic acid which minimizes pores and adds plumpness to your skin. Primer is essential to my skincare & make up routine because it ensures that my skin tone is even and that my make up stays on all day long.

Face Primer   Makeup Primer   Honest Beauty

Being a huge fan of organic, all natural make up AND still wanting a product to cover absolutely everything can sometimes be impossible. Most concealers & foundations that create that flawless, blemish free look tend to not be all natural and organic-leaving me constantly testing out new products. The make up artist applied the Everything Tinted Moisturizer after the primer and at first I thought it was just another lotion because it smelled like chamomile & aloe. It felt so soft & good on my skin that I thought there was NO WAY this could actually cover up anything. However, I was surprised when I looked in the mirror. I had that glossy, dewy look I adore and my skin color was way more even.

Tinted Moisturizer   Tinted Moisturizer with SPF   Honest Beauty

I’ve frequently heard from make up artists that I should wear purple eyeliner to bring out the green in my eyes, but I was always hesitant-I barely wear eyeliner as it is and do I really want to be putting the color purple on my face around my eyes?? Wow was I wrong. The make up artist gently and softly applied a very dark (almost black) purple True Velvet Eyeliner to my lids and smudged it a bit to make it less bold. I absolutely loved it! I think I had just assumed that purple eyeliner meant the sparkly “in your face” type of eyeliner pen I wore during 80′s dance parties in college. WRONG.

Eyeliner Pencil   Eye Pencil   Honest Beauty

I’ve now been using the Honest Beauty Products for four days and am absolutely in love. I know four days isn’t a long time, but I couldn’t WAIT to share this review!! So much more to come but until next time…


Lindsay L Simon

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