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Ingesting Clay-Trendy or Actually Beneficial?

Written by: Lindsay L Simon

About a month ago, one of my best friends introduced me to The Springs, a relatively new Wellness Center in Downtown LA and now I’m completely hooked. I mean honestly-where else can you chill, eat healthy, do yoga, meditate, listen to live music AND take a $25 personal infrared sauna!? HEAVEN! Plus, I mildly harass the skincare experts by asking them a million questions and they have been nothing but helpful, passionate and friendly!


I’m all about experimenting with new trends, but when I was chatting with the woman at the front desk at The Springs and she told me about INGESTING clay-I was more than skeptical. I’ve used clay as a face mask for detoxifying purposes and did read an article about Shayleen Woodley drinking it out of a mug-but I never considered eating it myself.

But of course, per usual, the minute my new friend at The Springs told me about the benefits, I pressed her for more information and of course walked out of the place with two jars of EATABLE clay!

So what’s the hype? In a nutshell, what comes in-must go out and when you ingest clay, it absorbs toxins in the intestinal tract (I know-ew). Basically, there are a lot of poisons in the foods that we eat (even though most of the time we don’t know it), and clay effectively removes them-especially the types of products that cause us to be bloated and uncomfortable. As a result, clay also helps rebuild and boost the immune system and rejuvenates your body!

Because we live in America and instinctively yearn for instant gratification, it has been proven that people that test this trend, ingest more clay than they should-resulting in diarrhea or blockage of the colon completely. As a result, I learned that in order to truly see the benefits of taking pure clay pills, I have to take the smallest doses so that my body can gradually get used to it. I was recommended Medi-Clay-FX pills to take once a day. So far, I haven’t experienced any LIFE CHANGING effects, however I do feel less bloated and I go to the bathroom (if ya know what I mean) on a more regular basis than I did before. Also, I’ve noticed my energy levels are higher! However, it’s important to mention that I’m shamelessly gullible so when a skincare/wellness professional tells me something is going to work-I basically convince myself it will. Placebo effect. Whoops.


Regardless, this “trend” is more than just hype, it actually has some serious health benefits that are worth looking into. I’m obviously not a doctor, and before taking any type of oral substance-you should consult a professional!

I must say, I’ve really been digging deep into my love for wellness lately and it’s super fun & gratifying. This is cliché but when you feel good on the inside-you look better on the outside. AND THAT my friends, is a fact.

So much more to come but until next time…


Lindsay L Simon

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