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The “Lipgloss of Hair” With Renee Taglia


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Ever since I dyed my hair blonde (ok, more like white), I’ve been totally into emerging hair trends, products and anything that can help with the ridiculous maintenance and upkeep. It’s no secret that coloring your hair can be really damaging and so when I had the opportunity to try out a new treatment with renowned hair stylist and color expert, Renee Taglia-I jumped at the opportunity!

I grew up watching those Treseme commercials that showed the before and after shots of the gorgeous model’s hair-first looking disheveled with their frizzy, unmanageable locks and then miraculously transforming into shiny, glossy and perfectly bouncy waves. However, I never believed this type of hair was actually obtainable until I walked into the Gavert Atelier Salon to see Renee. Not only is the salon perfectly located on a little side street off Bedford in Beverly Hills, but the people who work there are so professional and treated me like a princess. Renee could not have been more lovely, personable and more importantly-knowledgeable about exactly what my type of hair needed in order to give it the healthy boost and shine it clearly needed.

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When I sat down, she carefully examined my hair and explained the entire Relights Treatment process and how it would make my hair super soft, shiny and get rid of the inevitable frizz. The Relights Treatment is imperative for girls like me that love to swim in pools and lay out in the sun (damaging rays!). This treatment is known as the “lipgloss of hair” as it locks in your color and is gentle yet effective for providing that dreamy, long lasting shine. Hair treatments usually take hours, so you can only imagine my delight when Renee informed me that the process would only take 15-20 minutes!

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First, she put a glossy product all throughout my hair, made sure I was comfortable in the chair (while reality television was playing in front of me-perfect right!?) and then we let it sit for what seemed like a couple of minutes! As she combed through my wet hair, I could already feel how soft and tangle free it was! After she blew it out, it was impossible not to notice the shine. Renee also told me that this treatment would help lock in my color and elongate the time between having to go to the salon for upkeep-which was the best news I had heard ALL day.


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I highly recommend this treatment as it’s not time-consuming, really revamps your color and adds that amazing shine that seemed so unrealistic to obtain! Book your appointment with Renee today and visit her site for all the incredible other services she specializes in:

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So much more to come but until next time…


Lindsay L Simon

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