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The Power of a Fantastic Jacket

all saints 7
Dress: All Saints Jacket: Vintage Sunglasses: Ray Ban Necklace: Rebecca Minkoff Heels: Shoedazzle Clutch: Vintage Photography: Cindy Simon

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I get so excited when I find unique pieces of clothing that I know are one of a kind and fit my personality to the tee. I have no idea who designed this jacket as it has no label, which makes the experience of wearing it that much more exciting. Personally, I see this jacket as not solely something to throw on to go to the movies, but also as a piece of art carefully constructed with the intention of bridging the gap between chic and edgy. The carefully sewn in black lace that surrounds the denim part of the jacket brings a lady like touch while the sweatshirt material arms brings a casual, carefree vibe. Combine these two elements and a masterpiece is born!

I’ve never owned a dress like this grey, cloth All Saints one. I love how it hangs on my body and sinches a little on the right hand side of my waist. A dress like this is something I know I will wear multiple times and can rely on as a staple item. It reminds me that you don’t have to wear a bunch of jewels or incorporate some crazy accessory to make an outfit stand out. Sometimes a clean cut, fresh, simple dress like this one speaks volumes about your style.

Tossed on my fave aviator Ray Ban’s and vintage knitted clutch and I was out the door and on the way to the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood this morning. What a sight to see! If you live in LA and have never at least walked around the area to view the “outsider art,” it’s something I really suggest you do!

Some fresh and exciting new things coming to Lindsay and Lace in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out!! More photos to come but until next time…


Lindsay L Simon

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